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What’s the Experience AT KOALA PARK DAYCARE Really Like?
When making a decision as important as choosing an early education provider for your child, a recommendation from another family can make all the difference. Hear firsthand what real families have to say about their experience at Koala Park Daycare locations.


"Koala Park has been a amazing for our family! Our son has been going there since he was just 3 months old and he is now 21 months. As a first-time mom, the thought of sending my baby off somewhere during the day while I returned to work was so awful, but I quickly got adjusted and extremely comfortable thanks to the loving, warm staff and safe environment at KP2. Thank you Koala Park!"


"My wife and I are so grateful to have been able to send our son to Koala Park Daycare. We began sending him at 4 months and he will be turning two in a little over a month. He receives so much care and attention from all of the teachers, it really feels like a second home to us. At drop off in the morning, all of the staff and children greet us with warm hello's and really make us feel comfortable coming into such a safe environment. By the end of the day our son does not want to leave.

We would absolutely recommend Koala Park Day Care, it's been an amazing experience thus far and we look forward to seeing our son continue to develop under their care."


"We absolutely love Koala Park! Every day we are confident at drop off that our infant son is safe and well taken care of. The teachers are all so kind. You can tell they love what they do and adore the children. The space is clean and bright and very inviting for kids of all age ranges. The teachers are responsive and easy to speak with. Having the confidence and peace of mind knowing your child is in good hands during the day is priceless. I can't say enough great things about Koala Park!"


"I'm so glad we chose Koala Park. Everyone there is so sweet and caring and it's such a warm and homey place. My son just loves it. The kids get to do so many fun things like art projects, yoga and music class. I especially love that each month has a theme and all the activities are planned around that theme (Fall, emotions & feelings, shapes, etc.) And I love that they're eating homemade meals! I highly recommend Koala Park to any family."


"My son has been attending Koala Park since he was 5 months old and he is now 20. It was very difficult to leave him and go back to work but the Koala staff made this much easier. I am always confident that he is well taken care of and loved. He is a very active boy and he never seems to be bored there. Every day it is a struggle to pick him up. Ms. Flor (the head provider) is absolutely fantastic. My son has a severe food allergy (eggs) and there has never been any incident of accidental consumption (and eggs are everywhere!). They are able to administer an epi-pen in case of an emergency despite not being licensed to administer medication otherwise. They also recently became nut free which I consider a great idea. Koala Park is a second 'home' for our son and we are grateful to have seen him grow and thrive there!"

Michael Signorelli

"Koala is a wonderful place. My wife and I are very grateful for the loving care given to our son. The staff is dedicated and professional. The facility is clean, organized, safe, and fun. The daily activities are creative and enriching. And the resulting small community is welcoming and relaxed. We feel that we really lucked out when we placed our son at Koala."

Juanita Lee

"Nurturing. Safe. Stimulating. Loving. Organized. Knowledgeable. Sensitive. Interactive. Cooperative. All these qualities are embodied by Koala Park Daycare, and are evident in how my grandchild has grown to be so personable, quite perceptive, joyful and possessed with a most charming personality that enthralls both young & old. The staff at Koala Park, under the tutelage of Ms. Flor, is doing an exceptionally wonderful job of nurturing and furthering each child's social development, and that is so important. It supports and complements my daughter and son-in-law's child-rearing methods, and that too is very important. Koala Park Daycare certainly lives up to its quality reputation."

Joanne Nazif

"When we transitioned from a nanny to daycare for my 2 year old, I was really nervous about the change. But the staff at Koala Park made that transition natural, since they gave my son the individual attention he needed and created a home-like environment for him. Add to that the creative projects he brings home each day, the frequent outdoor play, and the opportunities for social and emotional development, and we are 100% confident that we made the right choice!"

Renata Vallach

"Our daughter LOVES Koala Park and my husband and I have so much appreciation for the care she is receiving. The staff really feels like family - we feel so lucky to have found KP!"

Jasmine Vitale

"We LOVE Koala Park Daycare!!! Our daughter has been attending since she was 4 months and we could not be more confident with anyone else to take care, help develop, and love our child.

Since this is our first baby, we were very anxious leaving her at a daycare. Well, let me tell you how those fears were completely unfounded! From Day 1, Ms. Flor and her team have earned our trust and showed us how wonderful daycare can be for a child.

One of the main reasons we chose Koala Park Daycare is because it is a licensed daycare that operates in a house that is bright, organized and clean with max enrollment at 6 infants and 6 toddlers at each location. The fenced in backyard, amazing “curriculum” for each age group, and even wholesome food offer so many development opportunities.

We really appreciate how Ms. Flor and her team send multiple photos or even videos each day of the many activities our daughter partakes in. Not only do they have arts & crafts, reading/storytime, interactive play, and sensory development but there are also monthly gym, yoga, and music classes and pajama days. Each month actually has a theme with planned activities to teach the kids about that theme. It can range from something seasonal like Fall with its various holidays and changes to the environment to safety where firemen, police, and EMT workers come in to talk to the kids. Being an active part of the community, Koala partakes in public events that often are geared toward families and also hosts a few parties throughout the year for the Koala family (grandparents welcome too!).

Our daughter could not be happier playing outside (enjoying the sprinklers now that it’s summer!) and getting fresh air instead on staring at a device/screen. At 15 months, she loves books, talking, singing, dancing, waving, trying to feed herself with a fork, and social interactions. People we encounter can’t believe how friendly and well behaved she is, and we give a lot of credit to Koala for her easy adjustment to traveling (9 planes already including overseas trips).

Ms. Flor and her team work very hard to help each individual child reach development milestones, and communication is fantastic with quick responses to any questions, regular discussions on development or any concerns/observations, and a daily report on how they ate and slept.

For the past year, Koala Park Daycare has been our daughter’s home away from home and we could not be happier. The smiles and excitment she has every day when we drop her off are the most reassuring signs of just how fantastic Koala Park Daycare is!"

Swapnil Patwa

"My Daughter is going to KP 2 since last 2 years. All teachers of KP are very friendly and taking great care of all babies. My child is very happy there. Keep it up KP 2 team. It is indeed "home away from home"."


"Koala Park is our home away from home. My son has thrived there and with another on the way there is no where else I would have them. My son has come so far because of Koala. His verbal skills have excelled and he is even potty training at two, so early for a boy, because of the interest he's had by being with the older children and the time and care the staff is willing to put into each child. He loves the music class that is provided and always comes home with new, inventive, educational projects that were done during he day. All of this with the sensory play he gets outside there is never a moment he isn't engaged and learning. The environment is just what you'd want a daycare to be in every way. We love Koala!!"

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