Koala Park Daycare 
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Daily Curriculum

Please note that the daily curriculum may vary from day to day.


*(Set by Parents)

Toddler & Pre-School

7:30 - 8:30am

Arrival - Hello! /Free Play

Arrival - Hello! /Free Play

8:30 - 9:00

Our infant program has no set or structured schedule.

Our caregivers follow a schedule set by parents, as communicated to us upon enrollment, through our infant feeding/napping instruction form.

Having said that, infants will also be doing developmentally appropriate activities throughout the day, while they are under our care.
These are some of things we will focus throughout the day to ensure we promote development of language, motor, cognitive and social emotional skills for all infants in our program, and to reach crucial milestones in their development:

  • Reading
  • Singing 
  • Yoga
  • Tummy time, age appropriate play time & interactive activities (Peek A Boo!) to promote learning
  • Music class
  • Nurturing one on one interaction - making baby feel secure and loved is what matters most!
  • Use of age appropriate toys to provide stimulation and engagement
  • Talk, talk, talk! – Words are best to help children develop language skills

Hand washing/Breakfast/Potty

9:00 - 9:30

Morning Meeting Time
(circle time)

9:30 – 10:15


Outside/Inside Play

(Small/Large Muscle Movement)


10:15 – 10:45

Hand washing/Snack/Potty

10:45 - 12:00pm

Math/Science/Writing age-appropriate activities

Arts & Craft (painting, gluing, and cutting).

Sensory Play (activity that stimulates your child's senses:

touch, smell, taste, sight and hearing)

12:00 – 1:00

Hand washing/Lunch/Potty

1:00 - 3:30

Nap / Rest Time/Quiet Play

3:30 - 4:00

Hand washing/Snack/Potty

4:00 -  4:45

  Outside/Inside Play

Free Choice Supervised Activities


4:45 – 5:30

Music, Singing & Dancing

(Large muscle play)

5:30 – 6:00

Departure: Bye-Bye!

Departure: Bye-Bye!



Overall our program  will be your child's HOME AWAY FROM HOME & include:

  • Loving, safe, clean, bright and healthy environment where your child will play, learn and grow with us
  • Crafts, Games, Songs, Dancing, Storytelling, Sensory play, Math, Schience, Yoga, Music class, Cooking and so much more! 
  • Monthly "special" events & themed lesson plans 
  • Nutritious meals including breakfast, lunch and snacks