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About Us


As a leading family daycare in Tuckahoe, NY and its surrounding areas, Koala Park takes pride in offering quality childcare service for its community.

The founder and director of the registered and NY licensed Family Daycare, Karina, was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina. When she was 8, her family relocated overseas to New York, US. After eight years in the US, they relocated again to Argentina, where Karina graduated from high school. She then studied Business Administration, with a concentration in Marketing and a minor in Psychology, in New York, where she also started her marketing and brand management career as an International brand manager at a Fortune 500 Company and a worldwide renowned financial services provider. In 2010, after growing out of their apartment in Long Beach, Long Island, Karina, her husband, Michael (an Australian fervent surfer), and their daughter Isabella (Issy) relocated to the beautiful village of Tuckahoe, in Westchester, after purchasing their first home. As a working mother, Karina found it very difficult to find safe, loving, affordable and reliable childcare. The options in the neighborhood and surroundings were very limited and pricing not very competitive.

When her position was eliminated as a result of the global economic crisis and restructuring of the organization, Karina decided to take the opportunity to make a difference to her life, the life of her two children, and the lives of other parents in the community. She'd always been interested in finding new ways to be more involved in the community and spend more time at home with her own kids. As a mother of a 4 year old girl, Isabella, who is bilingual in Spanish and English, and 9 month old Valentino, Karina saw this as the ideal opportunity. Not only a great business opportunity, but also a chance for her to finally give something back and add value to her community. And so she very enthusiastically, founded Koala Park, a family daycare, to ensure that busy parents within the community and surrounding neighborhoods would have a safe, loving, clean, multi-lingual environment for their children to play, learn and grow in.

As a result of her diverse international childhood, Karina speaks English, Portuguese and Spanish. Her multicultural upbringing has also given her the ability to understand and adapt rapidly to different cultures. Karina has completed certified training in Infant, Child & Adult CPR , AED and Health & First Aid.

Karina is joined by her mother, partner and the grandmother of Isabella and Valentino, Liliana.

Lili, as family and friends call her, was also born in Buenos Aires, Argentina and migrated to the US in the 1980s, where she raised her 3 children, Karina, Paola and Gaston, alongside her devoted husband of 38 years, Frank.  Lili is also bilingual, in Spanish and English and currently lives with her husband, Frank in the Bronx. They spend their weekends in the Poconos, where they own a beautiful little cottage up in the Pennsylvania mountains, in a very quiet and peaceful neighborhood.

Lili is the Head Childcare Provider at Koala Park Daycare. She has also completed certified training in Infant, Child & Adult CPR, AED and Health & First Aid and is a qualified childcare provider, in addition to being a wonderful, kind and loving mother and grandmother